Halo 2 Stat Pages on Bungie.net

Halo 2 Stats on Bungie.net

Working with the constraints of a previously constructed site, I created graphics that would fit both with the feel of the site, and the user interface within Halo 2. A web programmer and I constructed the content of the section in a matter of weeks, on a tight deadline, as the launch of Halo 2 was fast approaching.

Most InnovativeThe Stats section won IGN.com's Most Innovative Design for an Xbox game, 2004:

"If you want to see the future of online game integration with a Website, www.Bungie.net easily takes the cake. . . .Bungie.net's strategic support for Halo 2 is an extension of Halo 2 in ways other developers haven't even though of yet, and the sheer amount of statistics, mapping, and integrated thinking that was required and pulled off on the site is stunning. Minutes after you've won a hard-fought capture the flag bout, you can log onto Bungie.net and see every movement you made, what guns you used to kill opponents, what guns they used to slaughter you, what route you took, where the other guys were when you grabbed the flag, etc, etc. You can look at the maps from various angles, and when you're done you can then to your clan page on Bungie's Website and brag, mope, console one another, or rally up your clan for another bout. It's all very, very impressive."

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