HGN Bisley Original Art

Halo Graphic Novel (Production Staff)

On the left is the original artwork, as handed in by the artist, and on the right, the fixes I did on the work. I cleaned the borders and changed the colors of uniforms, blood, and other various items to match Bungie's strict guidelines. Using photoshop I seamlessly blended these color changes in with hand painted artwork, without taking away from the original work. These edited pages were then sent off to the production house to add lettering, and ready for printing.

Along with color corrections and clean up, I created and collected assets that were put together in design packets that were sent off to all the artists prior to working on the project. Among them were Moebius, Simon Bisley, Phil Hale, Tsutomo Nihei, Geof Darrow, and George Pratt. These packets were used as reference for the stories they were creating for the graphic novel.

You'll notice in the above example how the grunts armor was changed from orange to dark blue/grey and how the white edges of the artwork were cleaned up.

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